2016 AIA EKC Scholarship Awarded

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2016 AIA EKC Scholarship Awarded

The 2016 AIA East Kentucky Scholarship (supported by matching grant funds from AIA National) was presented to Sommer Cade. Click name for more about Sommer.

Sommer shares her background below:

I am a third year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the College of Design. Throughout my experience at the University of Kentucky, I have had the opportunity to explore the many aspects within design. I have just finished an independent research project, exploring the digitization of architectural archives, enabling me to see the research process from beginning to end. I have also been able to explore digital mapping and am working to expand this skill set. The University of Kentucky has enabled me to explore different aspects of design and combine architecture with many other subjects. The College of Design has also provided the chance to study abroad, as I will be studying in the Netherlands this Summer. I am looking forward to gaining more a global approach to design through this experience. I plan to pursue a Masters in Architecture in Graduate school and hope to have the opportunity to combine the many aspects of design into a diverse education. 

The University of Kentucky, College of Design has provided many opportunities to gain a diverse design education. I have been involved on campus and have combined interests from different subjects through design. Through the support and guidance of the College of Design I have been able to pursue projects and ideas that interest me, and have developed a personal work style and portfolio. I am very thankful for the support of my college and the support of the AIA in my architectural education. 

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