2016 AIA Kentucky Scholarship Awarded

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2016 AIA Kentucky Scholarship Awarded

The 2016 AIA Kentucky Scholarship (supported by matching grant funds from AIA National) was presented to Oliver Hidalgo. Click name for more about Oliver.

oliverhidalgoOliver shares his background below:

Being the first person in my family to have attended and graduated college, I am immensely honored to be the recipient of the Kentucky Society of Architects AIA Scholarship. My journey to become an architect has been long, and I am not a conventional university student—with many sacrifices, I have been able to study architecture in three different universities in three different countries. Although it has taken me some additional time to complete my undergraduate studies, the life experiences and the lessons learned have all been worth it.

One day I hope to become a licensed architect and be able to provide affordable housing for low income families not only in the Unites States but for people in Chile, my native country.