AIA KY and AIA East KY Provide Scholarships for UK Student

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AIA KY and AIA East KY Provide Scholarships for UK Student

AIA Kentucky provided scholarship support for the UK College of Design in 2011.  The Kentucky Society of Achitects/AIA's $5,000 scholarship was presented to Megan Doyle of Elizabethtown, KY. She also received the AIA East Kentucky Chapter scholarship.  Megan graduated from the UK School of Architecture in May 2011, and thanks to this scholarship she will continue her graduate work there in Fall 2011.

Megan has participated in several exciting COD studios: Kyle Miller's design model studio, Marty Summers' Henderson Studio and Northern Kentucky research studio, Akari Tkebayashi's Mircro-Mega urban context research project, and is participating in the design of the College's exhibition in the international Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. She is a member of AIAS and participated in the Professional Mentorship Program.

Megan describes her experience at the College of Design and shares some of her goals: "I am fortunate to have chosen a career path that I have a passion for. I am currenty researching internship opportunities that will give me more exposure to the profession of architecture. By the time I graduate, I hope to have identified a specific firm that is a right fit for me, one in which I can really develop my architectural ideas."

AIA Kentucky has provided the Kentucky Society of Architects scholarship since the 1980s. It is intended to support an architecture student who the faculty determines shows exceptional professional promise.

A portion of both the AIA Kentucky and AIA East Kentucky scholarships came from funds provided by the American Institute of Architects Component Matching Grant Program.