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Are you an Emerging Professional? Assoc. AIA members who are looking to become Registered Architects in the near future can find current news on IDP, ARE, and related topics here on this page.

The Emerging Professionals Page has career development tools, links to great resources, and important events that pertain to an emerging professional.

I hope you find this page as helpful as I do!

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Jean-Paul Grivas, AIA
Kentucky IDP State Coordinator


INTERN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: IDP Resources and Coordinators



Intern Development Program (IDP) is a requirement in Kentucky to obtain an Architecture License.

When to Start IDP:
One can earn IDP experience once you have successfully established one of the following:

  1. Enrollment in a NAAB/CACB-accredited degree program.
  2. Enrollment in a pre-professional architecture degree program at a school that offers a NAAB/CACB-accredited degree program.
  3. Employment in work setting A after obtaining a U.S. high school diploma, General Education Degree (GED) equivalent, or comparable foreign degree.

But you must register first with NCARB! Registration is free!  Register

Getting Started With IDP 

IDP Streamline, launching in June, eliminates NCARB’s requirement for elective hours  - though you are still responsible for any additional requirements established in your jurisdiction. To assist with tranitioning any hours accumulated in the current 17 experience areas to the six new experience areas, NCARB has released the IDP Experience Caluculator.

How to get more information:

This page links to resources that will provide more information about IDP and lists of Coordinators who are available to assist you with any questions or concerns about your IDP process. Feel free to contact anyone you may know on any list.
For more information, please go to www.ncarb.org.

2015 Kentucky IDP Coordinators
Kentucky State Coordinator: Jean-Paul Grivas, AIA
University of Kentucky IDP Educator Coordinator: Mark O'Bryan, AIA
East Kentucky Chapter Coordinator    --OPEN--
Central Kentucky Chapter Coordinator: Jean-Paul Grivas, AIA
Northern Kentucky Chapter Coordinator    --OPEN--
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