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Kentucky Building Code Amendements and Updates


The Board of Housing Buildings and Construction met on December 10, 2015. AIA KY board representative Kevin Locke, AIA provides the following status report:

  • The Board approved several amendments to the 2013 KBC: (1) CH 35 updated the reference standards for the ASME codes related to elevators / escalators…going from earlier standards to 2010, 2011 and 2012 standards. (2) CH13 1301.1.1 allowing the use of the 2009 IECC for low rise residential facilities in lieu of the 2012 IECC. Minor code language clarification to where insulation needs to occur in basements (1301.2.1) and (1301.2.2). CH’s 2 and 11 have been revised to include more descriptive language of Sports / Recreational Facilities. These amendments will go through the legislative process and may be come affective on 1 July 2016 if all goes as planned.
  • HBC created a task force to review single family inspections statewide. A report was issued that discusses the potential costs as well as the process by which counties that do not currently inspect single family dwellings could begin to do so. (click here for report)
  • The Board also agreed to continue with the vetting/adoption process for the 2015 IBC / IRC (2016 KBC / KRC). A joint task force will be formed to look at the various updates and existing amendments in more detail. AIA will have a representative on the task force.

Current Kentucky Adopted Codes


2013 Kentucky Building Code Now in Effect

At the Board of Housing Buildings and Construction (HBC) meeting on Aug. 15, 2013, General Counsel Michael Davis announced that the 2013 Kentucky Building Code was effective August 2, 2013, with mandatory compliance as of  January 1, 2014. The Kentucky Amendments to the 2012 IBC, which along with the IBC make up the KBC, are now posted on the HBC web site. There is still the possibility that the Code Administrators Association of Kentucky (CAAK) will sponsor the printing of the KBC as an integrated document, as was done for the 2002, eliminating the need to insert the amendments into the IBC.   View/Download current 2013 Kentucky Building Code 2nd Edition.  The reference to the National Electrical Code has been updated to the 2014 edition in the KBC (see page 98).

New Energy Code Effective October 1, 2014

A new Energy Code went into effect on October 1, 2014 for all projects covered by the Kentucky Building Code (KBC). Effective that date, projects must comply with the provisions of the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), in lieu of the 2009 edition of the IECC that we are currently using. There are more stringent requirements across the board (insulation envelope, efficiency of HVAC equipment, lighting, etc.) that are anticipated to result in a 30% energy savings. Projects covered by the Kentucky Residential Code (KRC) are not affected by this change, and will continue to use the residential provisions of the 2009 IECC for energy efficiency requirements. HBC has issued a revised amendment to the 2012 IBC effective 10/1/2014. View the amendment here with changes indicated in blue.

View Guide to Changes Between 2009 IECC and 2012 IECC


2013 Kentucky Residential Code Status Update

The  2013 KRC 2nd Edition has been approved and is effective as of Oct. 1, 2014.  View/Download current 2013 Kentucky Residential Code.


AIA Kentucky Committee Reviews 2012 IBC

On behalf of AIA Kentucky and Kentucky's architects, an ad hoc committee of member architects reviewed the 2012 International Building Code and provided a report to the Division of Building Codes Enforcement regarding amending this code for Kentucky's use. Chairman David Carter, AIA, Kevin McGuire, AIA (AIA Kentucky representative to the HBC Board), Eric Zabilka, AIA and Les Olson, AIA have completed review of chapters and the report, outlining the scope and limitations of the review as well as listing comments and recommendations, was prepared by David Carter. Review and consultation with HBC staff and other participants in the review process was extensive, and many of the AIA committee's recommendations have been incorported as Kentucky amendments that were passed by the Board of Housing, Buildings and Construction on June 21, 2012. The proposed amendments must next be approved by the state Legislature before adoption.

View the AIA Kentucky 2012 IBC Review Report.

KY Statutes & Regulations - Licensure of Architects

The administration of the statutes and regulations for licensure of architects in Kentucky is the responsibility of the Kentucky Board of Architects.

Kentucky Board of Architects
155 East Main Street, Suite 300
Lexington, KY 40507
Telephone: 859-246-2069
Fax: 859-246-2431

Executive Director:
T. Rexford Cecil, AIA

Board Members:
David M. Biagi (Ex-Officio)
Jack H. Ballard, II, AIA, President
David E. Heyne, AIA Secretary
Joseph R. Miller (Public Member)
Timothy A. Murphy, AIA, Treasurer
Michael L. Ranney, AIA
Dr. Peggy M. Sharon
John M. "Herb" Shulhafer, AIA

View Kentucky Law - KRS 323

View Administrative Regulations - 201 KAR 19

Board of Architects Roster of Ky Registered Architects (searchable)

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