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Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Versions of AIA Contract Documents

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has created modified versions of the AIA Contract Documents, which are intended for use on KDE projects only. These versions of the Contract Documents can be located here.

SAMPLE versions of the documents listed below are available on KDE Facilities website and can be printed and copied, as needed, for informational purposes only. Owners, Architects, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Engineers, Performance Contractors, and other vendors may use printouts and copies of these sample documents during the bidding process and in the project manuals for construction projects relative to 702 KAR 4:160. These sample documents would not be executed. Actual KDE versions of the AIA contracts to be executed would be purchased through AIA’s Documents on Demand.

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KDE Sample Documents:

B101-2007 Owner/Architect Agreement - sample

A101-2007 Owner/Contractor Agreement - Stipulated Sum - sample

A201-2007 General Conditions of Contract for Construction - sample

B132-2009 Owner/Architect Agreement, CMa Edition - sample

A132-2009 Owner/Contractor Agreement, CMa Edition - sample

A232-2009 General Conditions of Contract for Construction, CMa Edition - sample

C132-2009 Owner/Construction Manager as Adviser Agreement - sample

A701-1997 Instructions to Bidders - sample

A312-2010 Payment and Performance Bond - sample

A141-2004 Owner/Design-Builder Agreement

with A141-2004 Exhibit A: Terms and Conditions and

A141-2004 Owner/Design-Builder Agreementwith A141-2004 Exhibit A: Terms and Conditions andA141-2004 Exhibit C: Insurance and Bonds - sample


Where To Buy Paper AIA Contract Documents In Kentucky

As AIA Kentucky's sales partner for AIA Contract Documents, Lynn Imaging carries an extensive inventory of the AIA documents at locations in Lexington and Louisville. Documents may also be ordered from the AIA national document sales fulfillment center.

Lynn Imaging
(502) 499-8400

Lynn Imaging
(800) 888-0693
(859) 255-1021

National AIA Document Sales (Print) - overnight shipping available
(800) 365-2724


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