Kentucky General Assembly

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Kentucky General Assembly

The Kentucky Legislature convenes in Regular Session for 60 days on the first Tuesday in January of even numbered years, and for 30 days on the first Tuesday in January in odd-numbered years. It convenes in Special Sessions at the call of the Governor.

The Kentucky Legislative Research Commission web site contains a wide range of information, including the status of bills introduced in the Kentucky General Assembly, background and contact information for members of the General Assembly, searchable databases of the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) and Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR), and a variety of other legislative resources.

Kentucky Legislative Research Commission Web Site 


How to View a Bill

Go to: View a Specific Bill then:

  1. Under Bill Status Information, select House or Senate.
  2. Locate the bill number you are interested in and click bill number; this link will take you to the bill summary.
  3. Select the bill number link on this page to view and/or download the text of the bill.



Do you know who your State Representative and State Senator are?  You should!  Visit here to learn your State House and Senate Districts as well as your United States Congressman and Senators.

 To send an email to a legislator:

Visit this site, find your legislator and click on their name to link to his or her information page. Most have links on this page to send email to the legislator.

Aditional contact information, including mailing addresses and phone numbers, for your legislators can be located in the following menus:

House Members

Senate Members

To leave a message for a legislator:

  • call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181.